Uhm… Hi!

I started blogging around seven years ago, and I started because I wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw. As it turned out, I can cook, I have zero taste, and I can’t walk in heels. So out the window that went. 

I have however had a blog that earns me a decent amount per month, for those last 7 or so years. My first paid post was £30 and a wooden recorder – big time! Since then I’ve had brunch in the Ritz, had a couple of holidays, worked with lots of brands and had a fun old time. 

I also manage social media for clients, build websites, plenty of design work, launched poetry books and research papers – multi-talented.

However, 80% of the time is taken up by writing content for websites across the internet, and then a little bit of time is spent raising some children (they’re my children, not just out here raising random children.)  

So, actually as it turned out, the one thing I wanted to do was write, and I now make my living from words, for the most part. 

But, you don’t go through 7 years of being freelance and learn nothing. I don’t like teaching, and I don’t like preaching, there is no upselling here. You’ll find blog posts about business, creativity, apps, and rarely some life. There will be apparel, some notebooks, and other stuff too. 

The shop section has some freelance tip sheet printables – help yourself – they’re free. 

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