Freelance – You Ain’t My Boss

The problem so many people have when they hire a freelancer is they get the roles a little bit muddled up and begin to treat the freelancer like ‘staff.’ Great if that is the agreement that you have and actually what you want – if not what just happened?

If you have hired a freelancer, you become their client. The number of times I have started working on a project only to see the lines of the freelance contract overstepped. As a solo businesswoman, people already like to see what they can get for free. Your time, your contacts, your soul… y’know nothing significant.

Sometimes, I don’t mind too much – the little things. Other times, the entitlement some people show, is more like they have paid for you as a person not your services as a freelancer. When the waters get murky, it is time to leave.

There are very few things that I don’t appreciate, on the whole, I am relatively relaxed because I have seen so much shit. Here are a few:

  • Lack of communication – either side this is not acceptable
  • Passing off responsibility or not taking any – again, if you make a mistake own it.
  • A Project Manager that can’t manage to actually manage anything – this is impossible to work with
  • Rudeness – never a need
  • Being treated as inferior – when in fact I’ve been hired for the skills I have that they didn’t
  • Late Invoice payments – you booked the work, you knew it was going to be invoiced, set payment terms

There are a few other things, but those are my main bugbears. The relationship between freelancers can be one of huge respect and profitability. Their service is usually so personal, much cheaper than a company and knowing the person behind the work is kinda cool.

What isn’t cool is being a prick.

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