50 Quick Content Ideas

50 Quick Content Ideas

Sometimes you just hit a dry patch midway through your work – and it sucks. So what you need then is an impressive list of content ideas that aren’t going to be too taxing but can be used for almost any topic that you’re working on. Oh look… what do we have here?

  1. Write a book review relevant to your niche
  2. Write an alphabet guide – the A-Z of something
  3. Type up some of the guides you’ve written in the past – reshare as downloads
  4. Round-ups of a bunch of posts that fit the topic you wanted to cover
  5. Myth buster post
  6. Listicles are always great – the higher, the better
  7. Turn one of your popular posts into a podcast
  8. Write a weekly tips post
  9. Update and repurpose an old post
  10. Step-by-step guides – the simpler, the better
  11. Guest blogger posts
  12. Comment on current trends in your field
  13. Twitter – a quick tip of the day
  14. Take your Instagram images and turn them into a ‘weekly.’
  15. Share the ‘must-do’ stuff in your local area
  16. A list of things NOT to do
  17. Link to your favourite YouTubers / writers/bloggers
  18. Wish List
  19. Photo of the week
  20. Top people on Twitter to follow
  21. Talk about you – who the hell are ya?
  22. Top Destinations – been to and want to go to
  23. 5 / 10 /15 Restaurants
  24. Recipe List
  25. Vogues 73 Questions
  26. If you have a blog, and a business – promote yourself.
  27. Had an interesting conversation lately? Get permission and share them
  28. Open Letters – lame but so easy to read and easy to share
  29. Reach out to people in your field and ask for an interview
  30. Create a List of Previous newsletters
  31. Best movies of 2017 / 2016 /2015 whatever you like
  32. Get personal – mental health, physical health, parenting, whatever it is be open
  33. A buyers guide to
  34. Tools you use to schedule your life
  35. Checklists, people love to tick things off
  36. Do some research into something you WANT to be able to create content for – then do it
  37. Recap your top posts
  38. Create a little course – the starters guide to
  39. Favourite quotes & comment on each one
  40. Create 30 images ready for your Instagram – Tailwind/Buffer those and relax
  41. Create your own infographic
  42. Talk about a bad experience – cathartic and interesting for us nosy readers
  43. Why are you called that? Your blog or business name – where and why?
  44. Get you a little tool called Buzzsumo and use it
  45. Jargon breakdown
  46. Email Series – stick to the GDPR guidelines if you’re sending anything out
  47. Talk about how you got to where you are
  48. Who are your influences, and why?
  49. Work in a smoke and mirrors industry? Shed some light on it all
  50. Take your audience out for the day – write about it, have video, have photos – show as much as you can.

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