Welcome To Getting Your Shit In Order (1 of 30)

Welcome To Getting Your Shit In Order (1 of 30)

Living a calmer life is possible. Today’s world is more hectic because we are running around like a blue-arsed fly.

To keep on top of your own shit, manage your client loads, create news ideas, make money, sleep, drink water, sleep, walk, and everything else is not easy.

Focusing on one thing at a time can be fucking impossible. And yet it something that we are told over and over again. FOCUS JUST FOCUS. (Bite me).

One of the biggest reasons for our stress is that there is disarray and discord throughout our lives – it’s *hecky af*. It can all become too much to bear. During this bunch of posts, I’ll walk you through the various areas of your life and show you ways you can take charge of the never-ending shit storm.

We’ll start with clutter. Whether it’s at home, on the job, or in your mind, clutter is a huge obstacle to calm. Tidy your shit up. Your desk, your bedroom, your phone… work on it over time. Just get it done – for yourself.

Technology can add to feeling hyped-up. Notifications like no-ones business (I have 2.3k emails in the ‘shit pile’). Your immediate surroundings also play a significant role in how you feel at any one moment. When all you see is mess and disorganization, it’s bound to affect you negatively.

In addition to showing you how your life can be consumed by chaos, imma share with you concrete(ish) methods for addressing them.

I’m going to tool you up like a zen-fucken-business-monk. Journaling, meditation, morning routines, streamlining, organisation, and other techniques are just the beginning of taking back your life and creating calm. There might be colouring – who knows (me, I know).

This is a series, and hopefully, you started here, and you aren’t reading it last – else you’re more messed up than we thought.

Hecky = hectic af=as fuck


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