Building A Customer Focused Business

Building A Customer Focused Business

Almost all brands will believe that they are customer-focused and that everything they do is designed to be the best for their customers. However, if you spend some time talking to the people who buy your products and services, you will most often find there are a myriad of ways that you can do better. There are a few customer types that you should factor in with this list. It may be B2B, or it may be B2C, so take into consideration what applies to you. 

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Customer Focus

If you are running a customer-focused business, what you mean is –

You have created and are nurturing a company that is dedicated to meeting the needs of your customers.

And that in fact, you prioritize your customer’s satisfaction in your day-to-day business practice. You will develop a close relationship with your customer and are invested in customer success

It isn’t for show, or the good PR – it is because you believe in it. 


You can always be better. It doesn’t matter how refined and perfect you think your products and services are, you can always do more and deliver a more polished product. How do you do that? You seek feedback from people who buy from you, and from those who don’t. The people who buy from you know what they like and dislike about your product – which is valuable information. The people who didn’t buy your product or service can give you insight into what the reason is that they didn’t complete a purchase.

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They Are Your Brand

People are influenced into buying from or avoiding a brand, based on other people’s experiences. Which many brands have worked into part of their marketing plan. Influencer and bloggers are well known for giving opinions on products, events, venues, services and more. But, the ‘everyday persons’ opinion has more power. In fact, Digital Intelligence Today found that consumers are 92% more likely to trust recommendations by people they know, but are only 29% likely to trust text advertisements on their cell phones. Building people into the heart of your brand means you’ll be riding high on UGC and good recommendations with a lot less leg work. 

Customer Service

You can stand out from the crowd by having customer service that is outstanding. If you are a smaller business, then you will be much more hands-on here, but that isn’t to say that you should consider using a customer service chatbot on hand too. If you have a team of people, then you should be training them with the motto ‘make the customer happy – no matter what’. That means no skin deep 5% off the order offers when something goes wrong. It means that you put power into the hands of your customer service reps. So that can issue refunds, arrange new products or replacements, and work WITH the customer to get the desired outcome. 


If you are gathering feedback on sales, you will soon build a picture of what you are doing right. And you will have information to help you do better. Trust is built when you are consistently performing and delivering on your promises. But also so that your customers can see you have implemented changes that will benefit them. Acting on feedback and frustrations will show people you care about them. 

In the end, when you make your customer part of your story, you will become part of theirs. And, from that, you will see an increase in revenue and UGC – and who doesn’t want that?

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