Creating Inner Calm Through Meditation (4/30)

Creating Inner Calm Through Meditation (4/30)

In the 3/30 post, we looked at difference between physical and mental clutter. And most often people struggle with the mental much less than the physical.

However, mental clutter can have a significant impact on your overall emotional state. Today, I wanna talk about meditation.


Meditation is the practice in which you work to still the mind and to concentrate only on the present moment. It can take several forms such as guided imagery, mindfulness meditation, breathing exercises, and more. No matter which you decide on, the main is to focus attention, eliminating distractions and intrusive thoughts.

I meditate using the Calm app. I have the notifications appear on my phone twice a day with a little positive blurb too. Some days I flip my phone over and tell it to fuck off, others I like the little nudge.

Benefits of Meditation

Meditation is cool man. The effects are long-lasting, but you have to be commited – much like business. You’ll find yourself feeling calmer and looking forward to your next session.

Meditation can give you some clarity and the abiliy to breathe through high stress moments. Health benefits of meditation include lowering depression symptoms, helping anxiety, reduction in chronic pain, improved sleep, and less frequent tension headaches, among others.


Simple Breathing Meditation

While there are several different kinds of mediations, one of the easiest to start with is a simple breathing exercise. Controlled breathing is part of many meditative practices. It can help you to gain focus and to “blow away” stress. Find a quiet space with a comfortable chair. Sit up straight, with your feet flat on the floor. You could also take a seated position on a floor pillow if you prefer. Begin by inhaling deeply, pushing your stomach muscles, or diaphragm, outward. Inhale slowly, allowing your stomach to return to its resting position. Continue this until you find a comfortable rhythm.

Meditation is a practice that can provide serious calming benefits. It’s easy to do and is especially useful when done regularly.

Here is a link to a free month from Calm (when they are gone they are gone!)

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