4 Inspirational Books for Entrepreneurial Women

4 Inspirational Books for Entrepreneurial Women

I have always loved reading, but in the last few years, I’ve been swept away with all the things I do. I feel like I have been missing the joy of cracking the spine on some fresh books. However, the books I have made time for have all been in the same vein – getting my shit together.

Here is a list of my go-to books when I feel lost in the pit of my work-life balance, and I am in need of some words of advice from women who have been through the same thing; and are as badass and you can be.

#GirlBoss – Some of you may have seen the show on Netflix, and I know the title itself has been a point of contention for millions of people. However, I love the book and really appreciated the straight talk from Sophia Amoruso. I picked this book up last year, before I had any idea who she was, or that she was there for the rise and demise of Nasty Gal as it used to be. Success and failure to me are equally important. GirlBoss is now a movement of epic proportions, the website is the gift that keeps on giving – as is Sophia. 

 Make Your Mark: Land your dream job. Kill it in your career. Rock social media. Firstly, what a mouthful of a title, but secondly it’s pretty apt. Aliza Licht, some may have known her as the famous DKNY PR GIRL over on Twitter, others will know LeaveYourMarkxo. Since the release of the book she doesn’t handle that account anymore, but managing such a big account, in a very unique way at the time has given Aliza a fantastic insight. I wouldn’t recommend this book if you are looking for a deep dive into the inner workings of social media, however, if you like practical tips, some direction wrapped up in an autobiographical style, this is one for you.

How To Be an Overnight Success. Heard of Rodial? Maybe, maybe not. Did you hear about the Snake Venom Snake Mask? Well, I have actually tried and can vouch for its crazy abilities. All of that is almost beside the point though. Maria Hatzistefanis, the CEO of Rodial, talks you through what overnight success really means, how she did it, how she balances (or not) her business and personal life. Through each chapter, there are a set of questions to help you get a focus on what you do now and perhaps where you need to improve. Overall I have enjoyed this book immensely. It’s not a heavy read and can be consumed rather rapidly for a person in need of an injection of inspiration.

Little Black Book – Toolkit for Working Women. I feel like this one has some serious bang for your buck. Again it depends what you are looking for. Otegha Uwagba has packed this pocket-sized book with plenty of practical advice that really feels tailored to the creative women in business. Like with most books of this type, you take what you need from it, manipulate the advice to fit your life. Via this book, I was introduced to Women Who, which is not far removed from what I do now, so I am looking forward to seeing where Otegha goes next.

So those are my four little go-to books to give me inspiration, direction, advice and a good old kick up the arse. Will these books solve you life issues? No. Probably not. They will, however, give you insight into the inner workings of fashion, beauty, marketing, getting ahead, getting to grips with branding (from different perspectives), plus so much more. Overall? They look nice on a shelf together too.

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