Start by Creating A Calm Space Where You Can Escape (5/30)

One of the biggest obstacles to creating calmness is all of the shit you have to do. In previous posts, we talked about the different kinds of clutter and mess (mind and physical) that are a constant barrage on your peace of mind.

That’s why I recommend creating one place within your home to go to escape, create, read, work and be you. 

Why Create Such a Space?

Having your own private retreat actually offers several perks. When it comes to physical clutter, it makes sense to choose just one room so that you can reduce the overwhelm that will come from trying to fix all of the rooms. 

Clearing out one room is more straightforward than dealing with all of it in one go. Plus, just getting started can help to motivate you to do the rest.

 Also, having one dedicated space to calm can help you to release a great deal of mental clutter too. If you don’t have the room in your home to create a space just for you, then pick the place you work in the most – and make that feel like a happier space. 

Choosing Your Room

Most people consider their bedroom to be their oasis – a place to get away from it all and relax. It makes sense to use this room if this isn’t about working. If it is, then avoid the bedroom. Associate the bedroom with sleep and your office/space with work and creativity. 

First and foremost, you will want to pick a room that offers privacy – or at least a door. 

If your family relaxes in the kitchen, this probably isn’t the best place for a private retreat. So think about what you want out of the space before picking something easy or something that won’t work for you. 

What to Include

Your calming space should be personalised and unique to you. There are some common items you might consider when customising your room. Lighting matters – so try to get as much natural light as you can. 

Aromatherapy is a nice touch too. Scented candles, reed diffusers, or room spray are great unless you’re especially sensitive to smells. Have somewhere soft to sit, or your favourite blankets or a cushion. Whatever brings you comfort. 

Perhaps a beautiful desk and chair are essential so that you can do your writing and other work. If you’re a tea or coffee lover, you could get a small coffee machine and have an area to make snacks. Personalise

Creating an area for yourself will give you either the space to unwind, or a place to get your work done in peace – both of which are great for you. 

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