The Time to get Your Scrum Certification is Right Now!

The Time to get Your Scrum Certification is Right Now!

It won’t be a surprise to most, but you should never expect a company to have the same commitment to you as you might have to it.

Especially nowadays, with the world going through substantial turmoil, news about mass furloughed employees seems to underline how fragile and uneven an employer and employee relationship can be. And that’s not to say that it’s illogical that in recent times companies had to resort to extreme measures. Possibly without them, there wouldn’t be a company to return to. 

Future-proofing Your Career

It does, however, put employees in a precarious position where job security isn’t a given, but more a privilege. And you can actually build some security in that privilege: by making sure you get accreditations that turn you into ‘hot property’ on the job market. One of the most sought after skill sets right now is that of Scrum masters. It’s a great online certification programme that will get you noticed in the job market, but what is it exactly?

Agile and Fast

SCRUM is essentially a framework that comes from software design (although the term itself is from the world of rugby). The approach can apply to any area where rapid product development is needed and has gained much traction outside software development. One of the characteristics of the scrum approach is that there is significant uncertainty of what the end product looks like, and a trial and error approach is required to get further. This mindset makes the scrum method agile, adaptive, iterative and fast. This quickness is also embodied by the idea that the method relies on working in so-called ‘sprints’. Sprints are set periods of 1 to 4 weeks in which multidisciplinary teams get to a minimal viable product (MVP) at the end of each period to review. At this point, the best elements are taken, and the weakest/worst elements of the MVP are ditched to improve on again in the next sprint. In this manner, from sprint to sprint, the product is improved continuously with significant value-added each time. 

The SCRUM Master

The scrum master is the facilitator of this whole process. As the sprints are made in multidisciplinary teams, the scrum master is essential to keep the whole process going. The scrum master needs to make sure all team members can do their job and needs to clear obstacles, address team dynamics, liaise between the team and the product owner outside the team and just ensure that progress is made. The scrum master is also the first person to deal with resistance outside the team as most companies are naturally resistant to change. The scrum master truly owns the success of the process and the team itself.

The Time is Now

You can now get yourself on your way to get scrum certified and be more attractive for your current and future employers, or even go freelance if you choose to do so. There are many levels of scrum certification, with the scrum master at the very top. If you are interested, get yourself orientated on all things related to scrum and check out the International Scrum Institute. It’s never too late to learn a new skill, especially one that you can excel in!

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

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