3 Magical Words To Remove Your Business Stress

3 Magical Words To Remove Your Business Stress

Picture yourself in a perfect world, in your ideal office, running your wonderful business. 

What’s your role within the company? 

Do you have team members or perhaps outsourcing, or are you still doing everything by yourself? How much money are you making? 

Do you have products? 

Do your clients wax lyrical about you?

Yes, our ideal goals are worth aiming for but if you’re still a solopreneur who’s doing every job by themselves, then maybe it’s time to sit and learn the importance of these 3 words. 

Understanding and then implementing these three words will alleviate your stress and help grow your company. 

1. Automate

Almost all admin tasks can be automated, this frees up time for you to focus on money-making ideas and implementation. 

  • Set up automatic payments for all of your expenses.
  • Set up filers and labels on your inbox 
  • Collect customer with forms on your websites. 
  • Create automated email responses for customer service inquiries. 
  • Create monthly newsletters using MailChimp etc

Look at the things you are doing almost daily – they can probably be automated. 

Tool List

  • Zapier – One of the most highly recommended tools for most businesses. There are thousands of automation options for Zapier, so it is worth looking into them all. 
  • Buffer, Hootsuite and/or MissingLettr – these are great options for creating and then automating all of your social media campaigns. 
  • Grammarly – to get your copy perfect every time.
  • QuickBooks or Xero – having your expenses and your income automatically tracked is essential. Then they both easily put into a report for tax and VAT reports.
  • Leadformly – if you don’t have a whole sales team at your disposal then you might consider an automate sale process to enable you to handle a higher volume of sales. Design to increase your webform to conversion rate. 

2. Delegate

Virtual assistants and other team members can bring so much value to your business.  

All the automate tasks mentioned above can be completed in super speedy time when you hire an experienced virtual assistant. And, while you focus on the things in your business like creating new products and funnels – they can handle your social media. Alternatively, you can hire a social media manager to take care of that task totally. 

Things like graphic design are something that should often be fielded out to a professional, but you can use tools like Canva to put simple graphics together.

You can start your search for a virtual assistant on Fiverr Today!

3. Remove

Analyze your business practices and ask yourself if there’s anything that seems archaic, or perhaps isn’t worth the time or effort.

Older practices can sometimes take longer, but we stick with them because they feel comfortable. But it is time to learn to software, ditch the slow process and streamline where possible. 

Set aside time every couple of months or at least every year to investigate new software or platforms that can automate your coaching practice or eliminate unnecessary tasks so you can save time. And we all know time is money. 


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