Developing Your Coaching Funnel

Just as with every aspect of your company, your coaching programs should offer several levels of dedication from the client (and you), from free to high-end VIP days or mastermind retreats. This helps warm up potential clients move from “getting to know you” to “raving fan” more quickly and helps ensure you always have a positive cash flow in your business.

You probably have many of the parts in place already, so start your funnel preparation by listing out all the products and services that you currently offer.

  • Self-study series
  • planners
  • Tool lists
  • Free webinars/teleseminars
  • Free call days
  • Current coaching offers
  • Ebooks and other resources

Carefully consider the start of the funnel, the lowest rung needs to be interesting and have a hook. As an example, you might host a free monthly call session called question time, and anyone can ask anything. This would be the top of your funnel. Offering an easy sign-up on social media, with a tasty eBook or course attached is often a winner.

You can encourage people to reach out to you on free call days, where a potential client can pick up the phone for a short (15-minutes, maybe 20) one-on-one session with you. Upsell where it feels natural to do so. Skip it if they aren’t warmed up yet- but be clear on what extra services you offer. Don’t be shy.

There is a good chance that the first purchase of your services or good will be a low-cost item. A potential client will rarely love your free offer so much they’ll jump right into your highest-priced program without first getting to know your style and if you can really help them achieve their goals.

So what you do here is make sure that your mid-ranged items are an incredible value.

The information must be thorough and well researched, but the delivery should be smooth, and the design should be professional – or at least clean. Each customer should recognise the quality of your product.

If you map out your funnel and notice a considerable gap between offers – for example, you have a $7 ebook, and your next product is a $1700 mastermind retreat. You need some items in between. Consider it your ladder of products. Those might be a more content packed self-study program, or it may be a one-on-one coaching plan. What is the next logical step for your client? The key is to keep increasing the engagement and the price. You will move people smoothly through your funnel, and have a range of clients who are getting the most from your services.


Funnel Tools

MindMeister – A lot of templates to help you visualise your funnel. It is collaborative too. There is a free version. – a web-based software that will let you (as it says) sketch your funnel out. There is a free version and it is a lot of fun.

ClickFunnels – Select your industry, choose the funnel you want to make, customise it, and add images, media and content.

Wishpond – Marketing automation, promo and contest assistance, pop-ups, landing page builder and so much more. It also has a number of programs it will sync with.

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