Today’s Most In-Demand Coaching Program Formats

Today’s Most In-Demand Coaching Program Formats

Whatever your speciality, whoever your clients are, a coaching program can be a profitable addition to your current product range. You can get started reasonably with coaching, and the following formats are the most popular.

Email Coaching

The simplest and least time-intensive coaching program you can create is this one. Email coaching allows your clients to reach you quickly by email with any questions they have. However, coaches request clients to limit their emails to one or two per day, generally only during the week too. You will, as a coach, need to reply fully and with care within 24 hours.

Email coaching is popular with many people because it’s a low cost option, doesn’t require planning for meetings and can easily fit into a busy day. Coaches enjoy this format as it allows them the flexibility of answering when it’s convenient (within 24 hours) rather than block booking time for calls.

Group Coaching

This has a lower price per person cost than individual coaching with the added benefit of being able to bounce ideas around the group. This coaching style is fast becoming more common with both coaches and clients.

Group coaching sessions will typically take place on a regular schedule – say weekly or twice per month – with all members getting together via webinar or a conference call. Sessions can be fluid and unplanned or planned out, but the group members never change. For example, in most group coaching programs, there will be a start and end date. All members should join for the duration of the program.

One-on-One Coaching

This is likely what most people think of when they consider starting a coaching program or hiring a coach. In this style of coaching, the coach and client work together towards the client goals. They typically have 30 to 60-minute phone calls. In-person meetings that are on a regular basis is also a great option.

In that time, they’ll discuss what the client’s goals are, what they have done to achieve those goals since the last meeting. Progress is key. And what they will do in the coming days or weeks to keep striving towards those goals.
Individual coaching sessions might take place weekly or monthly, and may be combined with either group or email coaching as well – where appropriate. A mix of all will give a more comprehensive coaching experience.

Whatever coaching program you choose, keep in mind that your business and your coaching should be as individual as you. There is no one-size-fits-all program for everyone. Everything should be tailored.


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