You Don’t Have to be an Expert in Everything to be a Great Coach

You Don’t Have to be an Expert in Everything to be a Great Coach

Let’s just trash this now. You don’t need to know everything to be a fantastic coach.

Feeling like you don’t know enough, or maybe aren’t experienced enough, or like you need some “certification” to be a great coach?

Sure there are some (usually those selling the high-priced certification programs) who will tell you that all of that is true. Bullshi…it’s not. Everyone, in every level of business, can use the help of someone who has “been there and done that.”

So even if you feel your experience is not as extensive as you need, you’re way ahead of someone who is just starting out. This isn’t to say that if you know you aren’t experienced enough, you should go for it anyway. You are looking to create some serious value for your clients.

“Newbies” and in some cases “intermediates” won’t always benefit from hiring an elite coach – even if they have the money to do so. The techniques and strategies are likely to be beyond their capabilities for some time. Again, that is not to say it can’t be done, but it isn’t always best.

Let’s say your potential new client is a new online business owner. They know who their market. They’ve created digital products. The products are beautifully designed and ready to go, but they have no idea how to market it well.

Would it make sense for them to hire a coach who helps plan million-dollar high-profile launches? (Sounds tempting for sure). Or would it make sense to hire someone who knows where they are coming from, and matches more closely?

They might think so (we all want a million-dollar launch, after all) but the fact is, they don’t yet have the infrastructure to pull it off. No matter who their coach is. They probably don’t have a vast email list; they likely don’t have a ready list of influential partners, and probably don’t have an affiliate program yet either – these are the foundations that need to be put in place.

What they need right now is a coach who can help them build those things. That coach should ideally be someone who was in their place just a year or two ago and has experience solving the problems they are currently facing. What they probably don’t need is an elite coach who flies in for a VIP day at the cost of $20,000 plus.

Position Yourself Well

Not everyone needs or wants a coach who knows everything. Your dream client is the one who can benefit from your expertise. You will always have value to your ideal client, which is why you spent time creating that ideal client template in the first place.

Remember this: There is always someone working their way through where you were just a short time ago, and they will be the perfect client for you.


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