Creating High-Value, Big-Profit VIP Days

Creating High-Value, Big-Profit VIP Days

Coaching comes in many different formats and styles: email only, phone and email, mastermind groups, and any other combination that will work for you and your client.

One coaching format stands out from the rest because it is such a big earner, and they are VIP days.

A VIP (significant person) day is just you and your client, entirely focused on the client’s needs. VIP days happen in person or with long and intensive online sessions. The investment on your client’s part can be significant for these high-ticket sessions. If meeting in person there will be travel involved (the client typically comes to you in this case), and your charges can easily reach five figures, depending on your level of expertise.

For a considerable expense such as this, you have to be sure you’re offering genuinely incredible value.

The single most crucial aspect of any VIP day is total access to you. That means your client must have your undivided attention for however long is booked. How you structure the sessions is up to you and your client – it can begin with coffee and breakfast and end with an intense dinner session, or it can run longer or shorter, as long as you set the time expectation in advance.

But for the time you’ve promised, your entire focus must be on your client. You should not be taking other phone calls, answering emails, or checking Facebook on your cell phone. This is your client’s day, and they deserve your attention.

It’s a good idea as well to create some kind of framework ahead of time. Otherwise, you may end up sitting across from one another, wondering what to do next.

Typically, VIP Days begin with an application. This helps your potential client clarify what they hope to gain from the coaching, and it helps you know they’re ready to take action. The last thing you want is to accept a VIP student, only to find out they don’t yet have the prerequisites (e.g. a website, email list, product, or other necessities) in place to move forward. It will only be a waste of everyone’s time, and they’ll end up frustrated and unhappy with your program.

From the information given in the application, you can map out a plan of action. The details are entirely up to you and your client, but for a business coach, it might include things such as:

  • Solidifying their branding
  • Identifying (narrowing) the market
  • Reworking their sales copy
  • Creating brand new, high-end products & service packages
  • Creating a marketing plan or solidifying theirs
  • Building out an editorial/marketing calendar

Look at what plans are already in place, you can easily spend the day in just one of these areas. Make sure you have a clear idea of what the client wants from it before dedicating too much time in one area.

Following-up is essential. Give your client 12 hours and send an email, and book a call in for the following days – they will have questions for you. A minimum of a 20- or 30-minute phone call after two weeks or so will help your client stay motivated, and also keep them accountable.

VIP days are typically the most significant coaching package you’ll offer. It will be your best too.

These big-ticket sessions can command $10,000, $20,000 or more, for a single day of work. Nail them, and you will create a 6-figure coaching program with just a couple of clients per year.


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