A Calm & Relaxing Bedroom Promotes Better Sleep 6/30

ah shit man. Remember all the times your parents told you to tidy your room up? You do? Remember how nice it was when it was done? Yeah? That is what we are going for here too.

An often-overlooked aspect of creating more calm in your life is your physical health. When your body feels better, you’re bound to have an improved mental outlook. A key component to better health is getting a good night’s rest. This can be difficult for many of us when our lives are hectic, and our minds are always on overload. Here are some tips for making your room a better place to catch some shut-eye.


First and foremost, the best mattress you can afford is a must, if at all possible. Most of us wait until the spring shoots us in the back before we even consider buying a new one – it’s pricy.

But go to the store so that you can test out a couple and see what you like. It’s a good idea to try to find a store that allows for a trial period to make sure you love it and that you’ll sleep well night after night.

Keep it Cool

Temperature matters when it comes to getting a good night’s rest. You want to sleep in a room that is cool to promote sleep. Cooler temperatures alert your body that it’s time to sleep. Pop the window open and let the fresh air in.

Make it Dark

Waking up to see streetlight through the curtains can fuck with your rest and make it harder to fall back asleep. That’s why it’s smart to add light-blocking drapes to your bedroom. Keeping things cool and dark will add to your nighttime routine. Also, avoid adding night lights if possible.

Add Soothing Colours

Calming, cool colors are best for the bedroom. A delicate pastel will promote rest and relaxation far better than a brighter bold red or orange. Save the brights for more energetic spaces like the kitchen or living room. Color matters when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep.

Make it Neat

This one goes without saying. Be sure to clear the physical clutter in your bedroom as much as possible. Seeing piles of laundry to be put away or the paperwork that’s waiting for you in the morning will not put you in the right frame of mind for rest. Get rid of other types of distractions like television, computers (unless it’s also your office (which also sucks)).

Reconsider Your Alarm Clock

Not only do you want to sleep well through the night, how you wake up can also have an effect on how you feel. A harsh, high-pitched, buzzing alarm clock will jar you awake – no one likes that. This can cause you to feel agitated, rather than rested and rejuvenated. Look for one that wakes you gradually, with music that increases slowly in volume or that adds increments of light to help you to adjust to being awake.

Trouble Sleeping?

Even after you have done everything above you might find that you just can’t sleep. Well, it is time to get out of your bed and do something else. When you get into bed and are thinking about sleeping, your brain starts checking to see if you are asleep. Which keeps you awake. Nice one brain. The Calm app has a range of music, nature noise and sleep stories that help you drift off pretty quickly. Build it into your routine. You might want to consider a CBD tea an hour before you go to bed too – just to tip you into the sleepy zone.

Photo by David Mao on Unsplash

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