Is Business Stress Ruining Your Life?

Time to kick it in the ass.

Every human encounters a level of stress almost daily, but the level of stress and how you deal with it is what differentiates the successes from the burnouts – but that makes it sound like another job to add to your list.

Business owners, people in education, and new parents all experience different levels of stress. There are a couple of ways that you can healthily tackle your stress.

Maximise Your Work Time

If you wish you had more time in the day, then the chances are your time management needs a rework. We all have the same 24-hours, and it’s up to you to manage that time well.

One simple solution is to disconnect for a while: unplug for an hour and focus on one task – deep work is very beneficial. Don’t take phone calls, no checking weather, no social media, no emails. If you need to increase the disconnect turn off notifications too.

Choose the most challenging task first and get that off your to-do list – it’s known as eating the frog. You might be surprised how quickly you complete that task, and then you’ll feel motivated to do more. At the end of the hour, reward yourself with a short break and coffee (and water), then go back into uninterrupted work mode.

You can manage these time slots by using a Pomodoro application. It will give you timed sessions for focused work, and designate your break times too.

Don’t Over Extend Yourself

Do you wake up with excitement or dread? Are you excited to get back to work, or would you want to ditch work and kickback? If you have said yes to a lot of projects, and things outside of work, you can overload yourself pretty quickly. Feast and famine can be a real issue with freelancing.

Of course, you want your clients to be happy, but it’s impossible to please everyone. Saying, “yes” all the time, puts your own time and happiness at risk. Set healthy boundaries with clients, have a refund policy for customers and schedule some much-needed downtime on your calendar at least every week.

Create a Marketing Plan

Another area of business stress centres on finances and worrying if you’ll have enough paying clients to cover your bills. It’s a legitimate concern, but if you strategise how to attract prospects continually, you will always have people in your sales funnel.

What forms of marketing do you want to use – what are you best at?
Which social media platforms will you be using?
Where are your ideal clients hanging around online?

Utilise your free or cheaper marketing avenues first before jumping into costly advertising campaigns.

Quickfire list of options for free:

  • Google my business – for free local listenings
  • Write for other websites and blogs
  • Answer Quora questions
  • Do interviews with other companies and bloggers
  • Free products and giveaways
  • Social Media
  • Maximise your SEO and content

If you decide to put money into your social media campaigns, then hire an expert, or get some social media marketing training.

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